Whittard of Chelsea

The Art of Gifting

When Walter Whittard launched his first London shop in 1886, his philosophy was simple: buy the best. It's a philosophy that's stayed close to Whittard's heart since then, driving their belief in quality, heritage and innovation. Today their world-class range of tea, coffee and cocoa satisfies every curiosity and taste – from classic English Breakfast tea to creative hot chocolate flavours and unique tea and coffee blends.

We’ve spent over a century mastering the most magnificent gifts – and this year’s seasonal selection is the pinnacle of opulence. Enchanted by nature, inspired by modernity, we’ve intertwined the two with sleek geometric patterns in rich tones of wintry forest green and warm, autumnal red, gold and purple. It’s a celebration of luxurious gifting in
every sense of the word…